Apply to St. Andrew’s Academy

Please mail completed applications to:

St. Andrew’s Academy
P.O. Box 3050
Chester, CA. 96020

Grammar School Application (K-5th)

  1. Download and fill out the Grammar School Application (pdf)
  2. Turn in the application and fees and schedule an interview.
  3. Wait for word from the school.

The administration will get back to you within a reasonable time to let you know the results of your application.

Middle & High Day School Students (6th – 12th)

For boarding students, see instructions below this section.

  1.  Download and fill out the Application.
  2.  With application in hand, call the school for to schedule an interview and discussion with parent and student(s).
  3.  Turn in the application and fees.
  4.  The administration will make a decision on the application and contact you.

Middle & High Boarding School Students (6th-12th)

  1.  Download and fill out the Application
  2.  With application in hand, contact the school for an informal interview and discussion.
  3.  Turn in the application and fees—a emailed scan of the application is acceptable. The school will give you a means to pay the application fee electronically.
  4.  The administration will follow up with a zoom interview.
  5.  If possible, schedule on-site interview and visit.

Re-enrollment/Registration Application