Boarding School

St Andrew's Academy Boarding School

During these trying times, educational options are at the forefront of our concerns. We care about our children and want to see them flourish. Online classes may be a good option for many. Still, a community of learners has always been a vital part of the school experience. Many students thrive much better in that environment.

St. Andrew’s Academy, a micro-school, confronts these realities by allowing boarders to live in an on-site environment. With a strong community steeped in study and singing, practice and relationships, boarding students have the advantage of expanding their character and growing their academic and relational skills through hard work and camaraderie rarely found in an online learning forum.

Now more than ever is the time to act in your student’s best interest. Learning in the classroom setting, available in a small community where COVID-19 impact is minimal, boarding students will have something their peers do not. St. Andrew’s Academy can nurture them into well-rounded adults prepared for what the world has in store.