Our vision for St. Andrew’s students is that they be thoughtfully virtuous: not “dandies” whose goodness comes from lack of courage to do wrong, but rather who intentionally use all their capability and character to do positive good, and have the intellect and articulation to recognize and defend their actions. This demands that education at St. Andrew’s has as its first priority the transformation of the student’s heart. Without this heart transformation, intellectual pursuits become self-centered.


For the Christian, virtue is the degree to which we reflect God’s character, and consistent exposure to worship undeniably bends the heart toward God. This is why we bracket each day with traditional Anglican morning and evening prayer. Our every effort, both as students and faculty, is subject to God’s mercy and grace so it is only fitting that we place the Alpha and Omega truly at the start of end of the day. Participation in the Daily Offices effectively trains our hearts through beautiful reiteration.


Humanity does not naturally seek God, and we are therefore conscientiously training our students in the grammar of worship just as we train them in the grammar of language. Consistent corporate worship, deep and rich, doesn’t end with the heart. It trains our minds to understand the elements of worship.

Our daily worship of our Creator emphasizes 5 elements:

  • Confession and remission of sin
  • Thanksgiving for the blessings we have received
  • Praise and adoration
  • Listening to the Holy Word of God
  • Intercession for others in need and Supplication for Personal needs


St. Andrew’s students, from kindergarten up, are encouraged to bring their best to worship. We pour ourselves out to God with song and prayer, as Mary poured out her best perfume to the Lord. God has blessed our commitment to full and excellent worship both in the character of our students and of our school, and we are confident that, as we continue daily to honor God, He will continue to bless us.