St. Andrew’s Academy Choir

The St. Andrew’s Academy Choir sings every day of school and has been doing so since the founding of St. Andrew’s Academy.  The choir sings choral matins to begin the school day every morning and evensong every afternoon to close the day.  Choir rehearsal happens just before lunch, and students are even caught singing in the hallways.

Perhaps the best explanation of the St. Andrew’s Academy Choir and the success they’ve had is not found in the great musical accomplishment of the individual students, nor in their profound training, nor in the amazing sound they produce.  The best explanation may be the oft-repeated phrase of those who hear them sing:  “It’s so obvious that they love to sing!”

Singing is foundational to St. Andrew’s Academy, and the students have always worked hard to be better at it, day after day.  The choir has sung up and down California, in the Pacific Northwest, in the Chicago area, on the East Coast and throughout the South East.  Our Choristers have filled Churches and halls with music in Canada and in Italy, in Germany and throughout England and Scotland; in England in the early summer of 2010, they not only sang services and concerts, but sang live on BBC Radio.

The Choir has produced four CDs over the years: 1.Make a Joyful Noise: Evensong with St. Andrew’s Academy Choir (out of print); 2. Byrd’s Mass in Three Voices; 3.  American Choral Music; 4. Plainsong Matins (this CD included Alumni joining the choir over Christmastide to record a traditional plainsong morning prayer service).

In 2007, the St. Andrew’s Academy Choir was invited to join the festivities and to perform at Pepperdine University’s “Ascending Voice International A CappellaMusic Festival.”  The Choir was the only representative of the Anglican choral tradition and the youngest choir by far at the festival.  To hear the choir’s performance, please follow this link.

The choir continues to tour regionally and internationally.  The music has helped to shape the students—and the faculty—and the memories are grand.  See the stories in the side bar for more information.