Faculty and Staff


Father Brian Foos is the Headmaster of St. Andrew’s Academy, where he also teaches Literature and Composition, Philosophy, and Theology and is the choirmaster for the St. Andrew’s Academy Choir.  He studied Bible at the undergraduate level, earned his Bachelor’s in Literature and Composition and his Master’s in Theology. He has taught mostly at the secondary and college levels. He is the Vicar of St. Andrew’s and Christ the Redeemer Churches.

Mrs. Kathleen Foos earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and has done graduate work in Theology. She has taught Math, Logic, Greek and Science at the secondary level as well as all ages at the grammar school level. She is the logic instructor and the director of curriculum development for the grammar school at St. Andrew’s Academy.

Mrs. Carol Ann Waterman completed her BA with a double major in Zoology and Biology, earned her Master’s degree in Avian Sciences from UC Davis and then worked at the San Diego Zoo. She teaches amongst many things, mostly Science and Math at the primary and secondary levels at St. Andrew’s Academy.

Mrs. Marlo Jensen recently spent eight years with her husband and family in Quito Ecuador, where they worked as missionaries.  She earned her BA in the liberal arts, and taught for St. Andrew’s in the early years of the school.  She teaches in the mid and upper range of the grammar school and in the middle school at St. Andrew’s.

Mrs. Cindy Lange is a fourth generation native Californian with B.A.’s in Literature and Education from Westmont College and an M.A. in English. She has both developed curriculum for and taught at live online schools for the past seven years. In addition to working for many years with gifted and special needs students in public and private venues, she has taught literature at all levels in Christian schools, and at the college level, and has served as principal of two Christian schools. She is an adjunct faculty at St. Andrew’s Academy, lending her skills in workshops and special instruction in writing, literature, and history.

Father William Martin, III, is a Boston native and graduate of Tufts University, earning a BA in Political Science.  He then attended King’s College, Halifax, Novia Scotia, where he earned an MA in Classics/Mediaeval Theology.  He studied for orders at St. Stephen’s House, Oxford, U.K.  He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in history & literature and theology. He is an adjunct faculty at St. Andrew’s, lecturing in the history and philosophy classes.


Miss Paula Shaklee is the fencing coach at St. Andrew’s Academy.  She fenced in college and post-college, helping to set up a fencing club in southern Oregon.  She contracts with the Forest Service dealing with animal habitats.

Dr. David John Seel, Jr. is the school’s College Counselor (which he does via video conferencing and telephone) and sits on the National Advisory Board for St. Andrew’s Academy.  He is a frequent guest of the school having been a speaker for the St. Andrew’s Day Conference, the Hilary Lectures and the 2008 commencement.  He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland (College Park). He has taught at The Stony Brook School, Long Island, New York, and was the headmaster at Cambridge School of Dallas, Texas.  He is author of The Evangelical Forfeit, Parenting Without Perfection: Being a Kingdom Influence in a Toxic World, and Special Forces in Kingdom Service: The Calling of Prophetic Schools.