Frequently Asked Questions


Does a student have to be extra smart to attend St. Andrew’s?

Some of our most successful graduates have been average scholars who are willing to work hard. 


What’s a classical school?

A classical school follows a time-tested methodology and curriculum which has its roots before the time of Christ. It involves a few classes unusual to today’s education—such as logic, rhetoric, and classical languages—and it shapes the whole approach of the teaching and expectations of the students. 


What GPA do you require?

We do look at grade point average for an applying student, but do not have a certain GPA requirement. GPA can reflect the diligence of the student, and value put upon academic labor (though imperfectly) and these are the qualities we look for in a student.


Does a student have to be a christian to attend the school?

No. However, all students must participate in morning and evening prayer each day, and boarding students must attend the local parish (which sponsors the school) weekly and on feast days.


Why is chapel every day, instead of once a week like many Christian schools?

The singing and praying and contemplative time of Chapel every day sets the context and the atmosphere of the Academy’s other activities.  The norm in the past for most schools was daily prayer; we continue in that tradition.


Are your faculty members Anglican?

With few exceptions, our instructors are members of St. Andrew’s Anglican Church.