Our History & Vision

Our History

St. Andrew’s Academy, located where the Sierra Nevada and the Cascades Mountains meet in Northern California, was founded the Fall of 1999 by a small group of educators and families concerned about the state of contemporary education.  They envisioned a school that would seek to train, not just the minds, but also the heart and souls of young men and women in knowledge and wisdom.  Our first graduate was handed her diploma in 2003.

The Academy moved to it’s current campus in 2011 and is growing into it.  Expansion is also underway; the chapel land and building was purchased a a few years back, and other purchases are being considered. We don’t believe that size is the only measure of an institution, and so we persevere in our calling to train the next generation of leaders in our country.

In 2008, St. Andrew’s began her boarding program.  The reasons for moving into boarding are twofold:  economically, the rural area where St. Andrew’s is located will not be able to support the school in the long-term, and missionally, the school desires to have a wide-spread influence on education and society so it must recruit students from a widespread region.

Our Future

The campus is expanding, and plans are envisioned for a traditional and beautiful, community-integrated campus that will provide students with an appropriate environment for academic excellence.