Our Seal & Motto

Our Motto

Oratio   •   Studium   •   Labor

The motto of St. Andrew’s Academy translates to “Prayer. Study. Work” and reflects the daily priorities of the school community.


Every school day is bracketed with the Daily Offices acknowledging our dependence on and accountability to God.  Matins and Evensong are sung Anglican worship services that have been prayed in the same form for centuries.


The majority of the day, of course, is spent on rigorous studies.  Each Middle and High student takes Latin and Greek, English and Literature, History, Math, Science, Bible, and Logic, Philosophy or Rhetoric.


Though not given specific time daily, the concepts of work and service pervade the ethos of St. Andrew’s.  Older students are expected to set worthy examples and to aid younger students.  Younger students are expected to respect peers and elders (including older students) when admonished to improve behavior.

The students are also required to serve both the school and the community at large by participating in the many service projects.  In the recent past this has included singing for local long-term care facilities and helping to maintain the church grounds for an aging congregation.