Feedback from St. Andrew’s Students, Families, and Friends

The words “thank you” do not convey the overwhelming appreciation my heart contains for what you have done for and with my daughter.  St. Andrew’s Academy has lit a bright light in her soul, and I hear in her the promise of incredible inner beauty.

When speaking with my daughter, I hear maturity, determination and wisdom.  I listen to a young woman who feels the worth of hard work; a little girl able to enjoy being a little girl; a daughter extremely respectful and loving to her mother.  I thank you for your instructions, discipline and discernment in how best to ‘raise’ a teenage girl.  I will be forever grateful for what you all are doing for my daughter.

God’s prosperous blessings on St. Andrew’s.

– Sally Shoup, NC

St. Andrews is not a typical school.  The [small] size of the student body means close and binding relationships with everyone—with all the students and even with the teachers.  People at St. Andrew’s really care for one another.  Everyone is willing to help and encourage each other. This is really part of the whole magic of St. Andrew’s Academy.  … I LOVE ST ANDREWS!!!!

– Emmaline Sampey, Boarding Student

I am a proud St. Andrew`s Academy graduate. From the first day I entered the school, I was taught how to work hard, manage my time wisely, study effectively, and present myself in many different situations. St. Andrew`s was more than just an education, it was a life-changing experience. Eight years have passed since I graduated, and I am still close with my fellow graduates and teachers. These relationships helped me become who I am today, have helped me grow from a child to a successful future doctor.

– Sarah Waterman, MD

Studying at St. Andrew`s Academy provided me with a foundational education unlike any other available to me. The emphasis there on a classical education has helped me to stand out amongst my peers. St. Andrew`s academy not only prepared me for college, it also prepared me for a mature life away from home. The atmosphere promotes professionalism as well as creativity. St. Andrew`s faculty did not simply fill my head with facts so that I could pass a standardized test; they taught me how to think on my own, and gave me a moral framework.

– Joseph Salvatore, Officer in the US Navy 

What I like about St. Andrew’s Academy is that it has a greater sense of community than at [other schools]. At [other schools] you are just one out of the swirling masses, and you don’t interact with your teachers very much outside of class. You could easily make your way through the school year without making any friends whatsoever. But at St. Andrew’s you have a greater sense of community with the other students.”

– Josiah Bartel, Boarding Student

Attending St. Andrew`s was the single most formative experience of my teenage years, and the time I spent there continues to enrich and direct my life years later as I do graduate level study and teach at a school similar to St. Andrew’s. St. Andrew`s taught me above all things self-discipline and respect. My teachers always treated me like an adult. They always respected my ideas, even when I disagreed with them; they taught me how to be a student, how to teach myself for the rest of my life. I`m thankful for the vision of responsible and thoughtful maturity my teachers gave me.

– Serena Howe, BA, MA 

Despite its small size and modest appointments, at St. Andrew`s Academy the three goals of an excellent school—spiritual formation, character development, and intellectual preparation-are given serious attention. It is the antidote to most of the weaknesses affecting education in America.  I have confidence that this is a community with its philosophy and priorities straight.  I don`t know of a school in the world that`s doing what they`re doing.

– David John Seel, PhD