Traditional School

St Andrew's Academy School

Educational options in these trying times have become a stressful part of our daily lives. With our wallets empty and a crisis at every turn, it may feel that our options are limited while considering schooling for our young ones. Online classes are available, but they don’t necessarily work for everyone. A community of scholars in a classroom is so often crucial in growing your child’s integrity in both mind and spirit.

St. Andrew’s Academy addresses these concerns directly, nurturing students into disciplined adults with on-site classes, at a low price. Being a micro-school, in a small community where COVID-19 impact is minimal, traditional students can still experience a real classroom setting. With a secure community life steeped in study, structure, relationships, nature, and healthy challenge, students have the advantage of expanding both their academics and their character.

With a “Pay What You Can Afford” policy for local students, the classical education at St. Andrew’s is an inexpensive alternative to other costly study programs. By filling out a financial aid application with Financial Aid for Student Tuition (FAST), you can get started finding out how affordable your student’s education at St. Andrew’s Academy can be.