Why Boarding

Why Boarding?

Finding the right school for your student can be quite a challenge. Many have found boarding to be an excellent choice, but false impressions about boarding schools still persist. The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) commissioned a study comparing boarding school experiences to both public and private day school experiences. They found that:

  • Boarding students report being surrounded by motivated peers more than do students of private day and public school.
  • Boarding students say that their boarding experience helped them build self-discipline, independence and maturity.
  • More boarding students report that their school is academically challenging than do students of either public or private day schools.
  • They spend more time on homework per week than do their private day- and public-school  counterparts.
  • They also spend more time with teachers, faculty and coaches, and less time watching television.
  • Graduates report being “very well prepared academically” at rates higher than students public and private day schools.
  • All in all, 95% of boarding students surveyed reported being “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their educational experience.(Report found at:www.ismoshi.org/boarding_truth.pdf).

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